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equipment gym
equipment gym

Get the right stuff, buy equipment, gym gear and everything you need to make your home your gym!

Workout at home is a choice many of us do. By using equipment, gym gear that doesn´t cost that much or don´t take up much space when you don´t use them - you can use them and your own bodyweight and get fabulous results.

Its easy its quick and you can do it as many times a day as you please. A home gym is more available than a gym downtown.


The important thing to remember is to buy equipment suitable for your purposes. It doesn´t have to be expensive or complicated to get the results you want. We will try to help you to get the equipment gym gear that you need!


A door gym is designed to be placed in o doorframe without any kind of installation, it´s your body keeping it in place.It allows you to use your body weight as resistance and use your muscles to complete the exercise. Perform pull-ups and chins - two great multimuscle exercises - engaging almost every part of your upper body.  


Push-up stands allow you to add a variety of modifications in your traditional push-up while enabling you to maintain proper form.

The stands provides an extra height which allows a greater range of motion than do traditional push-ups. The greater range means that you can come lower down in the push up and thereby creating a deeper contraction in chest muscles on the upward thrust away from the floor. 
The additional elevation produces increased resistance for the muscles on the arm through gravity, adding intensity without incurring more weight. 

Push-up stands has to be equipped with a non-slip base so you can use them on any surface and still be guaranteed stability. If you choose foam-wrapped handgrips the foam protects your palms from developing blisters while doing push ups.


A fitness ball is a simple and easy gear to use in a wide range of exercises. You can use the ball so many different ways, you can literally use it to exercise your hole body, from your legs to your shoulders!


Suspension training is performed with a suspension band. The band is fixated in the roof or in a doorframe, allowing you to exercise your body, using your body weight as a resistance. The less angle you allow between yourself and the floor, the harder it gets. 

The suspension band is a perfect gear. Easy to assemble, not to expensive and can give you one of the hardest workout! 


The most common gym gear, already in many peoples wardrobes. Buy them in suitable weights so you can perform many different workouts using them.